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Entropy builds automated software to measure communication behaviors of employees and help companies raise emotional intelligence.
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"Study after study has shown that teams are more creative and productive when they can achieve high levels of participation, cooperation, and collaboration among members."
Urch Druskat and Wolff. “Building the Emotional Intelligence of Groups”
(qtd. in “On Emotional Intelligence”, Harvard Business Review)


Entropy™ gives leaders a real-time look into the health of employee interactions in their organization. Managers get practical data into their teams so they do not manage in the dark.

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Entropy™ software seamlessly integrates behind the scenes with your company’s communication tools and provides private, personalized, and actionable coaching to employees on written communication.

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In Aristotle’s words, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Teams become more creative and productive when they can achieve high levels of participation, cooperation, and collaboration among members. Entropy™ helps companies lift their emotional intelligence.

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“When people stay silent about important disagreements, they can begin to fill with anxiety, anger, and resentment. … Their sense of insecurity grows, leading to further acts of silence, more defensiveness, and more distrust, thereby settling into motion a destructive ‘spiral of silence’.”
Perlow and Williams. “Is Silence Killing Your Company?”
(qtd. In “On Communication”, Harvard Business Review)

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Zhenya Mirkin | Technology
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Alex Kim | Product Design

Mr. Mirkin is a seasoned software builder. He led development of predictive text input software that shipped on all Motorola phones worldwide. He built the HIPAA-compliant data platform at Castlight Health. He led engineering at Wearable Intelligence, a data analytics company in the energy and manufacturing space, which was recognized by Google as a top partner in the Glass at Work program.

Mr. Mirkin founded several companies, including a flight bookmarking travel site and a real-time web scraping platform. Mr. Mirkin is originally from Moscow, Russia, where he attended Bauman Moscow State Technical University before moving to the USA. He holds a Bachelor's degree with highest honors from the University of California at Santa Cruz and a Master's from Cornell University, both in Computer Science.


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Originally from Kyrgyzstan, Ilias has lived in India, China, UK, and now the US. As a perpetual foreigner, learning to be a strong communicator has been a deeply personal journey for Ilias, and thus he aims to bring with Entropy tools that he wishes he had himself.

Ilias' journey in tech started with building a HIPAA compliant medical data platform with more than 1M medical records. Ilias then transitioned to gaming, building and monetizing games at Zynga and Scopely. Titles launched and worked on by Ilias have been in top charts, earned $100M+ in revenue and 300M+ users. Most recently Ilias guided mobile startups on growth and developing engaging products.

Ilias has BA in Economics from Harvard and BEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bradford.



Scott Judd
Director of People Insights, Facebook
Katya Reuk
Director of People Organization & Strategy, PwC Strategy&
Ofer Ronen
CEO, Google Chatbase
Lawrence Aryeetey
Director of Global Strategy, Visa
Elana Polichuk
Executive Communications, Google
Paresh Gangodker
Former VP of Engineering, AppDirect & Lending Club
Devrim Yasar
CEO, Koding
Lela Djakovic
Founder & CEO, EQED